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Be Prepared For Realistic Everyday Emergency Situations!
Survival & Preparedness Video Training Series
Prepare Now and Mitigate Your Risk
You Have a 100% Chance of Being in a Survival Situation in Your Lifetime. 
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Easy To Follow - Easy To Learn
Are you having a hard time finding the right survival & preparedness course online that suits your needs?  Are most courses bloated with fluff and promotional materials that you didn't ask for?  

Well, don't worry, it's understandable. There are countless sources online that provide information, both good and bad about survival.

I believe that learning new skills shouldn't be difficult. It should be plain and simple, laid out in a step by step method that anyone can follow.

SurvivalistUSA (LLC) makes learning these skills super simple and lots of fun for you and your family!

Online Survival & Preparedness Video Training Series
You Have a 100% Chance of Being in a Survival Situation in Your Lifetime. Mitigate Your Risk & Prepare Now.
Keep your head on a swivel & always maintain situational awareness.
Who Am I?
My name is Robert Ferreira and owner of SurvivalistUSA, LLC.  I created this course to help people become better prepared to survive realistic everyday emergency situations.  Much of my experience comes from living in Philadelphia as a kid, and later during my time in the United States Army.  I continued my survival and preparedness education after the service and even got into politics as a result.  I've survived a direct hit from a tornado (total luck!), homelessness, being pistol-whipped and jumped, and getting into fights in the streets.  I've grown and learned a lot over the last 20+ years and only wish to share my knowledge and experience with you.  It is my hope that you join me in this journey.  I will undoubtedly learn much more as this adventure unfolds!
Our Core Values
Our Core Training Focus
Survival Skills
Basic survival skills including; fire craft, water disinfection and filtration, knot tying and usage, military land navigation and much more!
Basic preparations and DIY projects to help you maintain long-term survival during natural or man-made disasters.
Personal Risk Mitigation
Learn how to defend yourself in everyday situations and mitigate your risk for personal injury during emergency events.
Gear & Equipment
You will learn about the best quality gear on the market that won't break the bank!  Gear doesn't have to cost $300 to be high quality!  Learn about inexpensive alternatives!
Health & Fitness
Health & fitness are absolutely essential to survival & preparedness and you'll learn a variety of methods to burn fat, gain muscle and maintain hydration.
Real Strategies & Tactics
Proven survival strategies and tactics from a lifetime of experience and military training.  No half truths or "fake it 'till you make it" information!
Additional Training
Personal Development
Community Organization
Medical & Trauma
Bartering & Negotiation
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